10 Incredible Facts about Prize Winner Nancie Atwell

What makes the 2015 winner of the $1 million Global Teacher Prize so amazing? Her story is such an inspiration and there are many things you may not know about her yet!

Here are 10 facts about Nancie Atwell:

1. Nancie did not enjoy school when she was a child, saying to a local news station, “No, I was not engaged, I was always reading, they just weren’t the books that were assigned.”

2. She was also the first in her family to attend and graduate from  college! Watch her share her story here:

3. She has pioneered the teaching of literature as a reading-writing workshop. As Nancie says, “We have so much to show people about what school can look and feel like.”

4. Her students choose the subjects they write about and the books they read. Each year her students are able to read 40 books on average because the unique classroom design boosts their capacity and stamina. Many of her students have become published authors themselves!

5. The first two editions of her book  In The Middle sold half a million copies!

6.  She is prolific! She shares, “Since 1976 I’ve written nine books, edited five, contributed more than thirty articles and chapters, produced three DVDs, and composed dozens of blog posts. I’ve delivered 120 keynote addresses, and conducted 140 workshops.”

7. Nancie’s students at CTL sponsored a foster child from El Salvador for thirteen years, until he turned eighteen! Just one aspect of their experience that inspires them to become global citizens.

8. Her CTL history class students are also the first middle school students in the state of Maine who are allowed to participate in the Model UN high school conference.

9. Teachers around the world turn to CTL’s website for inspiration about book purchases for their own students.

10.  Nancie will donate the entirety of the prize to the Center for Teaching and Learning to cover its resources, scholarships, and books!

Congratulations Nancie Atwell! Please share her inspiring work with your network. See the winner page with great highlights from the ceremony.


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